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Yes, that’s upsetting in your case of PowerPC Mac, but this bug isn’t the proper discussion board for that question. I don’t have the time now to work on this more, but you can fork my code above to check this text-decoration problem. Because define doesn’t transfer the content material at all, it might possibly solely change a colour.

This does decelerate the attacker, however the attacker can still get non-public information from every click on. Let’s say an internet page shows N hyperlinks that all say „Click right here to proceed.“ The unvisited hyperlinks are styled to mix in with the background so the person cannot see them. The visited hyperlinks are seen due to the visited link styling, so the person only see the visited ones. Then the attacker can discover out the place the person’s been by which hyperlink they click on. Please, give customers again the ability to fashion visited hyperlinks’ text-decoration, opacity, cursor and the the rest of css-properties that we could harmlessly spoof. I don’t understand that test absolutely, however it appears to involve accessing an information structure about the page.

  • I’d additionally prefer to keep away from using fallback colors in cases the place they weren’t before .
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Are you sure that you just had actually entered the personal browsing mode? If you had, your window title should have had „“ at its end, but in the screenshot that you have posted, that’s not the case. Perhaps as soon as there’s a name to learn a pixel it switches to a double-rendering mode the place 2 bitmaps are maintained, and most rendering is copied into both. One is displayed, and link color is dependent upon whether the link has been visited.

It’s not really a bug in Firefox it is a bug within the HTML spec that should be closed but in the intervening time this QAD answer works simply fine. Firefox will be the solely browser that would be able to blocking this exploit then. I do not know, beyond that enormous numbers of websites distinguish visited hyperlinks based on colors. If the page reads the structure, or does some rendering that is determined by visited state, the actual value in the construction wouldn’t be read, and it might be spoofed as unvisited. The ultimate stage of including link colour would be after the web page had finished rendering (into non-display memory), so it will be harder to time. The norm for the last donkey’s years on each browser has been that visited links are at all times proven as visited whether or not or not they’re on the same domain as what you are currently viewing.

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Another method to retain partial performance for international links could be to set a flag on a hyperlink once it will get activated, in order that a minimal of as long as the web page isn’t reloaded or still within the fastback-cache, the hyperlinks show up as visited. Guess a quantity of beginning URLs that the consumer is likely to have visited (e.g,, and put them on a webpage. Shared parts used by Firefox and different Mozilla software, including dealing with of Web content material; Gecko, HTML, CSS, structure, DOM, scripts, photographs, networking, and so forth.

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Worked around by utilizing a „privateness mode“ the place the global history is not affected. Issues with loading CSS style sheets from the network, parsing fashion sheets and magnificence attributes in HTML markup, performing the CSS cascade, selector matching, and producing correct computed values for CSS properties. Those knowledge didn’t shock Amanda Pasciucco, a wedding that is licensed family specialist in Hartford. She stated she works along with an entire lot of teens, and has now undoubtedly seen attitudes about intercourse and relationships develop more stimulating with time.

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This is a more flexible method, preserving many of the design prospects for the location designers, while still letting the user know wich links he has gone to. Using this methodology, a internet site can interactively search by way of your history and discover pages you’ve visited that could not be guessed simply (provided they’re public webpages). And learn the colour of that span component via javascript. Given that, I’m actually beginning to assume that the one safe property is ‘colour’. Property blocking and the loading photographs from the stylesheet.

If there have been such, which may additional downgrade severity. Sounds like you need format.css.visited_links_enabled , which has been around for a while . No, it’s not meant to repair any assaults that contain consumer interaction.

Thunderbird or NoScript can disable this limitation , and people who do not care much for the security concern as well. Another interesting factor that can be accomplished since bug was fastened is to know in actual time when someone clicks on a link. For instance, you would visit a page that did the type of monitoring described above, then maintain it open in a background tab. If I click on a narrative on slashdot that I’ve not read earlier than, that hyperlink will instantly turn out to be ‘visited’ on the monitoring page. The monitoring web page will then fetch all the links on that page. It could then comply with me as I take a glance at a wikipedia web page linked from the comments, and any subsequent pages linked from there. In order to repair the bug that I was setting the father or mother style context incorrectly for the if-visited type data for hyperlinks that have been descendants of other links.

I’m going to connect a collection of patches that I believe fix this bug. Once you have accomplished that, you can go on implementing some fancy same-origin-policy approach, SafeHistory, SafeCache, whatever. What I see from the user perspective is a serious, severe privacy concern.

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